These raw materials collected from remote areas are processed into the world's most expensive fabrics.

With many years of rich experience, the high-grade fabrics produced by An Meiqiao cashmere are popular in the world market for more than 50 years. Selected raw materials include high-grade cashmere, camel cashmere, Angora rabbit hair and Alpaca hair. 


The success of Amicale is inseparable from its strong raw material collection capabilities and superb manufacturing processes.


Amicale is located in the southern Red Capital of North China Plain - Nangong City, Hebei Province. Our factory was built in 1995. The advanced equipment includes new textile machinery imported from Germany and Italy. It is specially designed and manufactured for processing cashmere and other high-grade fabrics. Our factory has an international team from Italy, Scotland, the United States and China. Most of the Chinese managers have received training in process technology in Vieira, Italy.

The transformation of good raw materials into luxurious fabrics requires a very complicated and tedious process. Every meter of fabric needs many processes such as spinning, weaving and finishing. The rich experience accumulated in the production of our factory is the guarantee of the quality of the fabric. 


We are one of the factories in the world that specialize in producing high-grade fabrics. The products do not contain any cheap wool or low-grade fabrics.


While improving the process, we also did not forget the traditional advantages of processing cashmere fabrics. Most fabrics still need to use thorns for long-lasting fluffing. These spiky fruits are carefully selected and carefully placed. This process is still not replaced by modern technology and we are proud to maintain this traditional process.

The quality of high-grade fabrics largely depends on the selection and purchase of raw materials. Amicale has many years of experience in purchasing cashmere, camel hair, and other raw materials. An international laboratory with advanced equipment guarantees the quality of our raw materials. Amicale will be the most trusted product you have.


Cashmere is a fiber queen. Cashmere raw materials mainly come from Mongolia, China, Afghanistan and Iran, including white, light gray, brown and red and other colors. Cashmere goats live in the cold and hot summer conditions. The climate is also one of the reasons why cashmere is so soft and smooth - they can protect cashmere goats and make them survive in harsh environments. Cashmere is hand-knitted in Mongolia. Each sheep can only produce six ounces of cashmere each year. The charm of cashmere lies in its soft and mysterious features.


Camel camel camels from Mongolia and China. The soft camel hairs ranged from cream to brown, mainly apricot. The best camel's softness is comparable to cashmere.


Other high-end raw materials include Albaka, angora rabbit fur, beautiful slavery and lambskin hair. Amicale has appealed to various raw materials.

Every year we introduce new fabrics and design techniques to the market. Our design studios mainly focus on Vieira, Italy, as well as the United States and China, always leading the market trend. 


Our dyeing technology can allocate all the colors and at the same time combine the market trend of the year to create the perfect high-grade fabric products.


Amicale has rich fabric production experience and an international team. "Technology & experience" is the guarantee of the quality of our products. Before the fabric leaves the factory, it will go through two strict quality inspection procedures, the production department and the inspection department. This is the basis and guarantee for the reputation of Amicale.